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Lantern Trail

Tapping into a niche market of Buddhist pilgrims, the Tourism Ministry is launching plans to package Vesak as an annual event in the industry calendar.
In an organised promotion, travel and tour operators are being approached to design new packages for this clientele that will offer them discounted rates, special airfares and accommodation and tours.


rnldblquote This will be supported by a completely lquote Vesak experience in hotels, where during this period, hotels will host all of the Vesak traditions from the almsgiving and other rituals to meditation dblquote , says Tourist Board Chairman, Paddy Withana.rn

rnldblquote We want to make this an annual event, branding Sri Lanka as a vesak destination while focusing attention on Sri Lankas Buddhist heritage dblquote , he added.rn

rnRumblings have started on what some sections see as plans to lquote commercialise the festival, celebrated by Buddhists around the world.rn

rnVesak commemorates the day Lord Buddha is said to have achieved the supr

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