Law Vacuum

Top lawyers say that the passing in to law of the Consumer Affairs Authority bill has left a vacuum in the countrys laws on mergers and monopolies.
The Fair-Trading Commission Act of 1987, which it replaced, had provisions to deal with mergers and monopoly situations.rn

rnldblquote The Fair Trading Commission was empowered to deal with monopolies mergers and anti-competitive practice. With Consumer Affairs Authority, the Fair Trading Commission Act was repealed. Consumer Affairs Authority, only has the power to deal with anti-competitive practice excluding mergers and monopolies, dblquote says Saleem Marsoof, Presidents Counsel.rn

rnHowever, authorities say a fresh piece of legislation to focus on monopolies and mergers is in the pipeline.rn

rnldblquote More like governmental authority, which would handle other areas. I was told that there is an other law in the pipeline, dblquote he says.rn

rnThe two exceptions are the Takeovers & Mergers Code under the SEC Act and the Public Utilities Commi

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