Legal Moves

Sept 24, 2012 (LBO) – A group of Sri Lankan lawyers have expressed concerns over attempts to intimidate the judiciary after the island’s judiciary ruled against a draft bill relating to powers devolved to regional bodies. Lawyers for Democracy (LfD) alleged that the current administration had transported people to a location near Sri Lanka’s parliament and state media had also carried programs critical of the judiciary after the verdict.

A statement by Sri Lanka Judicial Services Commission also indicated there were various attempts to interfere in the body, the lawyers said.

LfD said recent incidents ” a clear move by the government to intimidate the judiciary and undermine the Rule of Law and an attempt to make the judges vulnerable for governmental pressure.

“All public institutions are totally politicized and are at the disposal of the regime,” the lawyers said.

“The Judiciary is the only organ that has survived direct political interference.”

Legal analysts have said that Sri Lanka’s public service lost its independence through constitutions enacted in 1972 and 1978 that destroyed a once independent civil service commission, and the institution of permanent secretaries of government ministr

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