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Light Readings

Half the countrys population has electricity supplied by the main power grid. Authorities say they plan to raise this level to about 80 percent of the population within the next few years.
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However, drawing power lines to rural areas far from main cities is going to be difficult.
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rnExperts say that alternative ways to light up the lives of the 20 percent of households that the main grid wont reach will be needed. And that is where Selco-a solar-based electricity generating system comes in.

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rnThe hamlet of Paalukadawela is way off the beaten track about 65 kms off the small town of Galgamuwa, in the Kurunegala District.rn

rnThe roads are barely motorable. rn

rnThere is no grid electricity.rn

rnIt is a typical rural agricultural community where survival is a daily battle.rn

rnFarmers watch huts are built high enough to escape the reach of elephants that try to raid his cultivation at night.rn

rnBut Mallika Herath who also lives in the village with her two small children no

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