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Light Travel

Plans to ease Colombos mega traffic jams are finally getting off the ground with the Urban Development Authority scouting for investors to set up a mass rapid transit system.
The mass transport system will stretch along Galle Road and reach the airport and the outskirts of Colombo city.
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rnAt least four firms have so far shown an interest to build own operate and transfer the US$ 500 mn light railway project (LRT). rn

rnAsian firms from Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand have expressed interest, while a Swiss company has offered to build a magnetically levitated LRT system.rn

rnLRT systems are typically made of two parallel tracks on a circular track. Coach trains will go in opposite directs on the parallel rails.

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rnSome Maglev trains are eventually expected to be capable of high speeds, above 300 km per hour, effectively offering competition to air travel over long-distances.rn

rnOverhead LRT systems can be constructed in built-up areas with minimum disruption to existing road networks or

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