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LinkedIn to ban users engage in hate speech


Mar 12, 2018 (LBO) – Business and employment oriented social networking service LinkedIn has decided to refresh their community policies to make sure it stays a platform where people act professionally. As per the new professional community policies, harassment and hate speech are not welcome on LinkedIn and could result in permanent restriction of service. “We do not allow hate speech acts like attacking people because of their race, ethnicity, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, political or religious affiliations, or medical or physical condition,” LinkedIn said. “Also, hate groups, terrorists, and those who engage in violent crimes are not welcome and not permitted on the Services,” Apart from the new community policies about hate speech, the platform has also made it obligatory, the user to disclose information when endorsing a paid product or service. “If you are being paid to share or endorse a product or service, you need to disclose that you’re being paid for your opinions or actions.
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” LinkedIn further said. These recent changes in LinkedIn will impact their user agreement, privacy policy, cookie policy and professional community policies and are effective from May 8, 2018. Check out this blog post for full details. Related: Sri Lanka blocks Facebook, Instagram to prevent spread of hate speech
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