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Dec 21, 2007 (LBO) – Sri Lanka's second international literary festival in Galle next year will focus on the theme climate change and would reach out to get a new generation interested in English, its organizers said. The Galle festival was named as one of the best literary festivals in the world, by the American fashion magazine Harpers Bazaar in 2007, its organizers said.

Visit the Galle literary festival site The four-day international Galle literary festival held during 16-20 January next year, will educate the locals on climate change and how it will affect Sri Lanka in the years to come if the issue is not combated early.

The festival held in Dutch era Galle fort along the southern coastal belt in Sri Lanka would air a film on climate change, a debate addressing whether early damage control for global warming and change is irrelevant or not.

"We have also got a panel who will discuss climate change in great detail," Ashok Ferrey Sri Lanka author and committee member of the organizing team said.

The festival also plans to attract English speakers in the provinces and stir up an interest in English by getting university students

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