Literary Overdrive

Less than a year after the launch of her first 10 books, this John Robert Powers model, Harvard lecturer and tech wizard has published ten more in a phenomenal burst of literary zeal.
Seven of the new books deal with Ms Wirasinhas specialized subjects, computers and Information Technology, but in a characteristic display of versatility, she has also produced another volume of poetry, a sequel to her first science fiction novel, and a guide to beauty and self development.

rnrn”Thoughts and ideas keep coming into my head, and I just write them down,” she says of her extraordinary output which has resulted in the publication of 20 books in two years, four of them by major international publishers Prentice Hall and Universal Publishers.

rnrn”I have been extremely lucky to have gained acceptance by a world renowned publisher such as Prentice Hall in the early part of my career. This has enabled me to expand the readership of my books to countries outside of Sri Lanka and give them wide exposure in the w