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Mar 09, 2011 (LBO) – Sri Lanka plans to use satellite technology to monitor distribution of petroleum products to fuel retail stations from storage terminals to prevent theft and contamination, a statement said. Petroleum industries ministry secretary Titus Jayawardena said the bowser drivers will not be allowed to deviate from official routes during distribution nor stop at unauthorised fuel stations.

The new system will enable real-time monitoring of bowser movements with the aim of preventing theft of petroleum products and their contamination, he told private bowser operators at a meeting, the statement said.

The system can even monitor the temperature inside bowser tanks, valves and seals once they move out of the storage terminals in Kolonnawa and Muthrajawela close to Colombo.
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The ministry aim to provide clean, uncontaminated refined products to users, Jayawardena said.

The move follows complaints of widespread theft and contamination of petroleum products sold by the state-owned Ceylon Petroleum Corporation.

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