Look Who’s Talking?

The main opposition Peoples Alliance is geared for Act Two of the ongoing political drama, with the President on Thursday setting a mid December deadline for political haggling with the Prime Minister to end.
President Chandrika Kumaratunga set this deadline, while addressing a cross section of the business community late Thursday. rn

rnA memorandum of understanding between the President and the PM is on the cards, that would help arrive at a consensus on the future of the peace process. rn

rnThe Joint Business Forum is due to meet the PM on Monday 24 and the President on Thursday the 27 for further discussions. rn

rnOn Friday, Kumaratungas able lieutenant Dr. Sarath Amunugama opened the post budget debate by calling the Choksy budget ldblquote brainless and heartless
dblquote . rn

rnThe Value Added Tax (VAT) unification came under heavy fire with the PA accusing the UNF of triggering inflation in the double digits. rn

rnThe UNF budget intends unifying the current two-tier VAT into a single