Looking Good

June 29, 2008 (LBO) – More people are mastering hair dressing and beauty culture because of increasing opportunities both in Sri Lanka and overseas, practitioners and students say. In the past people didn™t consider it as a serious profession because of the low demand and the inability to get qualified.

Now however, hair and beauty salons are mushrooming all over the island as people spend a little extra to look good.

If you have your own business that™s an answer to all your problems and since the government is unable to provide jobs to everyone you might as well get become self employed, says Hasini Gunasekara, the course directress at the International Academy of Beauticians and a professional hair dresser and beauty therapist.

The International Academy of Beauticians (IAB) annually trains over 120 students who either migrate or open their own hair and beauty salons.

Its nothing like doing your own job and so I thought I™ll come here and get qualified and start my own salon to cater to my friends at least for a start, says Hiranya Weerakody, a student at the academy who used to pay around 100 US dollars in her home town Houston, Texas for a

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