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The far-reaching economic partnership agreement Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement between India and Sri Lanka will set up a new credit line and an economic cooperation fund of US$ 100 mn each to finance some of the countrys most pressing infrastructure bottlenecks.
The economic cooperation agreement submitted to the Prime Ministers by two teams of top bureaucrats and private sector heavy weights seeks to lift trade restrictions and largely facilitate investment.rn

rnThe proposals also seek to establish a financing base to sort out some of the most pressing infrastructure bottlenecks in Sri Lanka.rn

rnThe report suggests the Indian government extend a US$ 100 mn credit line targeted at infrastructure projects and another economic cooperation fund of US$ 100 mn.rn

rnRailways are expected to become a huge beneficiary of the Indian infrastructure credit line. An existing credit line for commodities and services will also be replenished according to the report.rn

rnA proposed key coal pow

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