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Loving The Labour

Labour law critics say the existing framework undermines worker productivity, forcing companies to treat employees as a cost and not a resource that needs to be developed.

rnSlimline, part of one of the countrys biggest apparel groups, employs more than 3500 people at their Pannala factory. rn

rnIts CEO Dayan Gomez likes to walk around the factory a few times a day to talk to his employees and see how things are going.rn

rnPeople who work at Slimline come from different social and educational backgrounds. rn

rnThe biggest challenge Dayan is facing as the CEO is to make 3500 different people work towards achieving the companys one goal.rn

rnHow does he do that?rn

rnldblquote Getting all of them aligned to a vision, a strong value system which runs the mission statement and then a very focused budget and key performance indicators which drives the organization. So each one of them knows what their responsibilities are, dblquote says Dayan Gomez, CEO, Slimlinern

rnHe considers the

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