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As expected by political analysts, Weerawansa confirmed his party would take a hardline stand against the privatisation programme.
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rnrnldblquote It quote s going to be a horror budget. That quote s why government is trying to postpone the budget till local government elections are over dblquote , he told Lanka Business Online in an interview.

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rnrnThe government is expected to introduce a series of economic reforms including public sector rationalisation, labour de-regulation and kick start the sidelined privatisation programme. These reforms are aimed at removing the structural deficiencies in the economy, which prevents higher growth rates.

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rnrnThe reforms are also expected to attract significant donor funding, including the IMF quote s Poverty Reduction Growth Fund facility, which could raise funds up to US$ 500 mn.

rnrnWeerawansa defended JVP quote s hardstand against economic reforms, citing they have been drawn up to facilitate multinational companies control Sri Lanka.

rnrnldblquote The IMF q

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