Making Love

Politics came to a head last week with a signing of a key alliance deal between the SLFP and the JVP. But commentators said cohabitation still remained the best available option.

The SLFP-JVP alliance was quick to criticize the government but had little to offer in terms of alternative proposals.rn

rnThe alliance remains sharply divided on the basis of a final settlement for the ethnic conflict, structural reforms, privatization and policy on market economics.rn

rnDespite the expressing a desire to abandon so called the Extreme Right foreign policy, no proper proposals have been put forward on how the countrys economic interest will be balanced out with regional interest.rn

rnHowever the two parties say that a set of counter proposals by the LTTE to set up an interim authority could be the basis for starting negotiations.rn

rnA strategy report by HNB Stockbrokers says that nine districts that were marginally won or lost could have an impact.rn

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