Making Progress

May 18 (LBO) – Software solutions company KingsLake together with Progress Software Corp., launched a new version of its Open Edge software on Wednesday to speed up day-day business applications.

Open Edge Software Version 10.1 is what is called an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) to develop business solutions for modern business logics.

The software is used by programmers to create advanced, user friendly programs for day to day business functions like hotel reservations or financial Packages etc.

"Progress Software Corporation supplies software to simplify and accelerate the development, deployment, integration and management of business applications," Dr S Dharmavasan, Managing Director of Kingslake said.

œProgress has provided over 5,000 business solutions world wide for nearly 2,000 companies.

KingsLake are the sole distributors of Progress software, operating in Sri Lanka for the past 11 years.

Progress and its application partners deploy applications at 10,000 new sites and add 600,000 new users every year, the company said in statement.

-LBO Newsdesk-

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