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Malaysia issues WiMAX licences to four companies

KUALA LUMPUR, March 16, 2007 (AFP) - Malaysia on Friday issued licences to four telecommunication operators to provide fourth generation (4G) wireless high speed Internet services nationwide this year.
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The Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) said the winning bidders are Bizsurf (M) Sdn Bhd, MIB Comm Sdn Bhd, Redtone-CNX Broadband Sdn Bhd and Asiaspace Dotcom Sdn Bhd.
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Bizsurf is a unit of YTL e-Solutions, which is part of Malaysian conglomerate YTL Group with interests ranging from construction to property and power.

In a statement, MCMC said all licences, except Redtone-CNX's, are for peninsular Malaysia.

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Redtone-CNX will operate its WiMAX licence in East Malaysia on Borneo island.
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The companies are expected to invest up to 300 million ringgit (85.

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7 million dollars) within the first three years of the service, MCMC said.

It said the rolling out of the WiMAX 2.

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3 gigahertz spectrum network nationwide is part of the government's target for broadband penetration to reach 75 percent of households by 2010.
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"We expect winners to quickly roll out the service to 25 percent of the population in the area given to them by the end of the year with a service provision o

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