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Maldives going under water: new look at a doomsday story

Oct 19, 2009 (LBO) - A great deal of fear has been expressed by many that on one fine day in the future the Maldives will be submerged by rising sea levels without leaving even a trace of those beautiful islands that have attracted thousands of visitors to them for thousands of years. The chain of causal factors that have been identified as contributing to this catastrophe has also been clearly laid down: the emission of green house gases in excessive amounts to the atmosphere creating an abnormal global warming process on the planet, the resultant melting of the glaciers in the North and the South Poles, the consequent rise in sea levels that take the low lying lands as its first victims.

First victim of global warming

The Maldives which, on average, is only one to one and a half meters above sea level will, therefore, naturally qualify to be the first victim. Some have even given a time frame to the much feared submersion starting from around 2025 and ending by 2040 AD.

The government of the Maldives too has expressed its concerns in public about the possible submersion and demanded prompt action by the world’s nations to prevent it.

In an unprecedented move to draw their attention to the dangers of the uncurbed global warming process, it held one of it

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