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April 01, 2008 (LBO) - Fragmented audiences in traditional media like television and radio have made commercial inserts in programs less effective especially to reach urban consumers, marketers in Sri Lanka have said. This was pushing advertisers into emerging new media such as the internet, mobile and to sales points.

Conventional advertising on television, radio and print, popular with marketers, are often ignored by consumers.

"Audiences are fragmenting into micro slices," Pat Vinayak, Managing Director of media planning and buying agency Mind Share, told the LBR-LBO chief marketing officers' forum.
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Television show ratings are also on the decline.

"Today if a programme gets a double digit rating we are very happy. In most countries a rating of three is considered very good."

Despite the clutter, spending on conventional media like TV, radio and print still account for the bulk of marketing expenditure.

About 60 percent of advertising budgets in Sri Lanka is spent on TV.

"In which TV station do you advertise or what combination of channels do you choose for your media plan?" asks Surith Perera, who heads food and home care marketing at multinational Unilever.
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Sri Lanka

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