Men and women look for different qualities in a mate: study

CHICAGO, Sept 3, 2007 (AFP) – The face of dating may have changed down the years, but the laws of attraction have not changed since the days of the Neanderthals, a study released Monday suggests. The women’s movement and the sexual revolution aside, it seems that men still seek out the most attractive women and women are drawn to the men that make the best providers — leveraging their looks to snag the best mate they can.

Or at least that’s what a group of researchers found when they observed some modern singles at work — in a speed-dating session in Munich, Germany.

In questionnaires filled out before they went into the session, the participants said they were looking for mirror-images of themselves — someone who matched them in terms of status, commitment and looks.

But when the 21 women and 25 men sat down for “mini-dates” with members of the opposite sex and later chose which ones they would like to go on a proper date with, the investigators saw a completely different dynamic at work.

“There’s this disparity between what people say they want in a mate and what they end up choosing,” said Peter Todd, a cognitive scientist at Indiana University in Bloomington who worked o