Merging Skills

Treasury officials are looking at merging the present Skills Development Fund Ltd with the upcoming Human Resource Endowment Fund that is to be set up next year.
The Skills Development was set up over two years ago, as a pilot project to provide human resource training for employers.rn

rnIncorporated as a public limited liability company in 1999, SDF provides customised training for mainly private sector companies.rn

rnThe government is the majority shareholder with the Employers Federation and Chairman of SDF, joint shareholders. rn

rnTreasury officials say that Rs. 1 bn lying in credit to SDF for the state will be routed into the new fund, which according to plan has a wider mandate.rn

rnIt will include a voucher scheme for deserving students to continue tertiary education and vocational training in addition to the upgrading of skills of corporate employees.rn

rnA structure to disburse the funds is still being thrashed out with technical assistance likely to be brought in to iron out the pr