Middle Is Mighty

Central Bank said it is leaving its growth forecast for next year unchanged at 6 percent despite continuing uncertainty in both the political and peace fronts.
It however warned that prolonged uncertainty could jeopardize economic growth. rn

rnThe wealth creators in the economy, the private sector, that saw higher returns on their investments in the last two years, have been silent excepting a few statements calling for unity.rn

rnEconomists say private sector activism and a middle class consensus has driven growth in many countries.rn

rnA Greek philosopher who analyzed the benefits and drawbacks of various forms of government said involvement of a large middle class creates better-administered states.rn

rnldblquote The best political community is formed by citizens of the middle class and those states are likely to be well-administered’85. where the middle class is larger there are less likely to be fractions and dissentions,
dblquoternAristotle (c306 BC) said.rn

rnThat was about 2300 years

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