Military continues relief after Meethotamulla garbage dump collapse

meethotamulla garbage

Apr 17, 2017 (LBO) - Sri Lankan military is continuing relief operations after the collapse of a 180-meter long stretch of the Meethotamulla garbage dump, a disaster waiting to happen, according to residents in the area. A section of the massive garbage dump collapsed on Friday with 26 residents confirmed killed in the garbage slide, and at least 100 more people believed trapped under it. More than one thousand security forces personnel along with 10 excavator machines of the Army Engineers have been involved in rescue efforts. According to Major General Ranasinghe about 180-meter long and 75-meter wide section of the Meethotamulla garbage dump had collapsed on to an area where 145 houses were located. The Disaster Management Centre reported that 228 families and a total of 980 persons were affected, with 80 houses completely damaged and 36 houses partially damaged. The area is being sectioned in to three zones, and troops were able to rescue people and recover 19 bodies. In a Twitter message President Sirisena promised that the Government would find a sustainable solution to the garbage issue in Sri Lanka.
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The Japanese Government is expected to send a team of experts to assist Sri Lanka in providing relief, sources close to Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe said.
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