Milk Money

The LTTE and government meetings are drawing up strategies to milk the world donor community to the maximum at the June donor conference.rn

rnThe Cabinet spokesperson Prof. G L Peiris refused to put a quantum, but the government is looking at raising around US$ 600 million in medium term funds for national development projects.rn

rnProf. Peiris also added that the international private sector had a leading role to play in developing Sri Lanka adding that a number of leading firms attending the World Economic Forum showed considerable interest in investing in the country.rn

rnIn addition, Prof. Peiris is due to meet with JETRO President, to discuss how some of Japan
quote s large firms could extend their investments into Sri Lanka.rn

rnThe government is confident in attracting investments and aid as the ceasefire agreement with the LTTE has held since February 22, 2002.rn

rnUpcoming talks with the LTTE is expected to further strengthen the process, Prof. Peiris said.rn