Mixed Blessings

Emirates Airlines on Monday announced a fuel surcharge on airline tickets purchased from selected markets, including Sri Lanka.
Passengers buying tickets from Sri Lanka, pay an additional Rs. 500 for a one-way journey and Rs. 1,000 per return ticket, the airline said.rn

rnldblquote Emirates Airline is not implementing across-the-board ticket price surcharges in response to rising fuel costs. Instead, the airline has adopted a modulated approach whereby no surcharge is planned for certain markets and different surcharges are taking effect in certain other markets.

rnLike other airlines, Emirates has been affected by steep increases in jet fuel costs over the past year. rn

rnSriLankan Airlines, which is also partly owned by Emirates, has also slapped an additional Rs. 300 per one-way ticket on South Indian routes, while a return ticket will cost Rs. 600.rn

rnPassengers traveling on all other SriLankan routes will pay Rs. 600 for a one-way ticket and Rs. 1,000 for a return ticket. rn

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