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Sri Lankans voted in a hung parliament, after President Chandrika Kumaratungas United Peoples Freedom Alliance (UPFA) won Fridays poll, but fell short of an absolute majority.
The final results on Sunday gave the UPFA 105 seats (including 13 national seats) and the outgoing Premier Ranil Wickremasinghes United National Party 82 seats (including 11 national seats).rn

rnThe pro-LTTE backed Tamil National Alliance secured 22 seats (including two national seats), the all-Buddhist clergy Jathika Hela Urumaya won nine seats (including two national seats), the Sri Lanka Muslim Congress took four seats (incl. one on the national list), while the Ealam Peoples Democratic Front and the Upcountry Peoples Front took home a single seat each in the 13 parliament.rn

rnIn total, Kumaratungas party walked away with 45.8 percent of the total vote, compared with 37.9 percent for Wickremesinghes party. rn

rnKumaratunga is expected to name a new Prime Minister on Monday. rn

rnAs the dust begins to settle, questions