Money Machine

Asiri Medical Services (AMS), contributed almost Rs. 18 mn towards the Asiri Groups top line during its first month of operations and is expected to keep the money rolling in with increasing occupancy.
AMS coming into the picture sorted out the hospitals parking problem endash with a seven-story car park endash and is expected to increase over all occupancy and earnings per bed.rn

rnWith the new premises that house the surgical and oncology areas, the Asiri Groups bed capacity has increased by 100 to 220.rn

rnCurrently, the Group has a daily cash collection of Rs. 4mn with Asiri enjoying 95 percent to 100 percent occupancy.rn

rnOccupancy at AMS that is currently around 25 percent, is expected to increase, to match its parent company by as early as July this year. rn

rnThe Groups earnings improved marginally by 0.8 percent compared to the previous year and the projected profit after tax is Rs. 140 mn for the current financial year.rn

rnAsiri Hospitals Ltd recorded a 11.5 percent growth in re

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