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June 04, 2013 (LBO) - Sri Lanka Telecom, the island's sole wireline operator which also has mobile and video services, said it had been formally licensed to operate a national backbone with its fibre-optic network. Other operators are also given access to the National Backbone Network (NBN).

"SLT’s network is ready with the necessary flexibility, capacity and capability to respond to the demands of customers, including supporting the additional demands of other telecommunication service providers in line with the government’s vision," group chief executive Lalith De Silva said in a statement.

"Our comprehensive fibre rollout provides the basis for the NBN to provide coverage, capacity and capability that allows for the increased demand."

SLT said its fibre optic transmission network now covers most parts of the island, including rural areas and the North and the East which emerged from a war only in 2009 allowing broadband penetration to the far corners of the island.

SLT said it planned to cover all the 329 divisional secretariats and 24 districts in the country with high speed broadband connectivity over the NBN, within the next five years.

"We have worked closely with SLT for the im

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