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Feb 12, 2008 (LBO) – JNW news, Sri Lanka's pioneer news provider on mobile networks, has launched a news website using Sinhala Unicode characters, an official said. "We wanted to do Unicode because that is the future of Sinhala on the web," JNW chief Chamath Ariyadasa said.

"Advantages like easily transferring the content to other mediums or linking via RSS allows others to immediately put it up on their own sites."

JNW News started Sri Lanka's first mobile SMS (text message) news service on the Mobitel network, sparking a brand new delivery system that has transformed access and speed to developing events in the island.

The service is now available in three telecom networks in the island; Mobitel, Suntel and Tigo.

JNW says it is targeting both Sri Lankan and foreign readers who wants news updates in Sinhala, through its portal.

Instant news using Sinhala Unicode fonts was pioneered by

JNW is planning to make the site trilingual in the near future. .

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