Networking Lanka Inc.

rnThe project will be funded entirely by the private sector, with Bartleet Group subsidiary BC Computers being the principal sponsor.rn

rnA new joint venture company between the government and BC computers lquote eServices Lanka
quote , funded by the private sector, was set up to operate the gateway.rn

rnThe Commerce and Consumer Affairs Ministry will hold a 40 percent stake in the company, 20 percent at the start of operations and a further 20 percent between the third and fifth year. The holding is at no cost.rn

rnGE Global eXchange Services (GXS) is the main technology partner for the project and will be responsible for transfer of technology to local counterpart, BC Computers.rn

rnThe gateway will facilitate electronic data interchange, fast-tracking clearances for exporters and importers.rn

rnThe gateway will work on a store and forward basis with each subscriber having a mailbox with in and out folders to send and receive documents electronically.rn

rnThe central role of the gateway will