New Cable

Oct 10, 2014 (LBO) –Sri Lanka Telecom said it would invest 40 million US dollars to build new submarine cable system which connect Singapore to Europe via Sri Lanka. Silva said as SLT’s major traffic routes are connected to key destinations in Europe, Asia Pacific and Indian regions, the upcoming SEA-ME-WE 5, would boost country’s international transactions many fold.

œSEA-ME-WE 5 has the capability to handle traffic from the cable starting point to its end – from Singapore to France – with lightning speeds of less than 90 milliseconds which in fact is the fastest speed achieved interconnecting Asia pacific to Europe, Silva stated.

œAnother important feature of this cable system is the facilitation of POP to POP connectivity with no barriers,

œThis will enable operators to connect with the required POP directly from the landing point at no extra cost, thereby offering cost benefits to operators that opt to connect to Sri Lanka via the SEA-ME-WE 5 cable.

œThe gigantic capacity derived through this new cable system would facilitate the exponential growth in demand for data both locally and internationally and thereby would e

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