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The government says it has put out a fresh draft, which gives the Auditor Generals Dept., more teeth to flex its muscle.
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An independent Audit Commission on the lines of other government commissions is expected to ensure autonomy of the Auditor General, says V Kanagasabapathy, Director General of Public Enterprises. rn

rnldblquote The present situation is not conducive to ensure the independence of the Auditor General. The departments funds are approved by the Treasury while the Executive has powers to appoint key people,
dblquote he said. rn

rnThe proposed Act also gives the Auditor General unrestricted access to information, property and personnel associated with management of all significant public resources.rn

rnA research unit is also being set up in Parliament, to give legislators a detailed working knowledge on 216 State owned entities.rn

rnKanagasabathy said a the present the audit work programmeis being tweaked, to improve the methodology, the organisation structure and most importantl

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