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New Director for ILO Country Office for Sri Lanka and the Maldives Appointed

Joni Simpson assumed her duties as the Director for the International Labour Organization Country Office for Sri Lanka and the Maldives on 15 January 2024. Appointed by the ILO Director-General Gilbert Houngbo, Simpson brings with her over 25 years of experience of working on gender equality and inclusion in the world of work.

Prior to her appointment in Sri Lanka, Simpson served as ILO Senior Specialist on gender equality and non-discrimination, covering East Asia, Southeast Asia, and the Pacific, where she shaped ILO efforts on eliminating discrimination, violence and harassment at work; enhancing the provision of care policies and services; and promoting ILO’s business and disability network, to name a few. She was also the InterimDirector (Officer-in-Charge) for the ILO Country Office in Kathmandu, Nepal in early 2023. Previously she led ILO’s global efforts on women’s entrepreneurship and entrepreneurship education, based at ILO headquarters in Geneva.

A national of Canada, Simpson holds a master’s degree in Cultural Anthropology and a Bachelor of Education.

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