Nimi launches NimiKash, revolutionizing payroll management for IT workers

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Nimi, a leading information technology firm specializing in Staff Augmentation and Development, Product Advisory, and Payments Advisory, is proud to announce the launch of its groundbreaking product, NimiKash.

Designed specifically for IT workers, NimiKash is set to revolutionize payroll management by empowering employees to effectively manage their cash flow and achieve financial growth.

NimiKash is an innovative application that provides a comprehensive set of features to help IT workers gain better control over their finances. With its intuitive interface, the application displays monthly income, spending, and disposable income, allowing users to track and analyze their financial health effortlessly.

Additionally, NimiKash offers modules for paystubs and financial literacy, providing users with valuable resources to enhance their
understanding of personal finance.

Dilip Ramachandran, CEO and Chief Product Therapist for Nimi, shared his inspiration behind the establishment of NimiKash, saying, "Our mission is to upskill the global workforce without bias by matching high-growth Fintech companies with talented experts. NimiKash is our first step towards achieving this mission, starting with Sri Lanka."

Karthik Ramachandran, Chief Operating Officer of Nimi, highlighted the company's vision of creating a safe, remote-first, and flat organization where Sri Lankan experts can thrive.

He stated, "Nimi Kash has immensely reduced our overhead by over 50% by automating a bulk of our HR and payroll tasks."

NimiKash revolutionizes payroll management by introducing three core features. The first feature is a multi-currency payroll wallet, allowing employees in Sri Lanka to receive a percentage of their salary in the local currency (LKR) and a percentage in US dollars (USD).

This flexibility empowers employees to manage their earnings effectively.
In the coming months, NimiKash plans to roll out a global prepaid debit card, enabling employees to remit a portion of their salary to the card and enjoy low charges for both local and foreign transactions.

"By using NimiKash, you can say goodbye to manual calculations & paperwork and say hello to a smooth payroll experience.” Hishani Perera – the HR manager at Nimi Tech Limited commented.

If you want to provide these benefits for your employees go ahead to and book a demo now!

About the Company

Nimi is an information technology firm specializing in Staff Augmentation and Development, Product Advisory, and Payments Advisory. With a mission to upskill the global workforcewithout bias, Nimi connects high-growth Fintech companies with talented experts. Headquartered in California, Nimi currently operates in three countries: the United States of
America, India, and Sri Lanka.

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