No Kidding

Local media is full of questionable advertising aimed at kids, something stakeholders are not paying enough attention to.
Companies spend billions of rupees to market products to children whose spending power is on the rise.
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rnHowever, the ad industry has also been grappling with the ethical implications of advertising to kids who experts say cant make informed choice on their own.rn

rnRecently a TV commercial for the popular savory snack Tipi Tip drew flak from some consumers for giving out a misleading message. rn

rnA commercial says Tipi Tip is more nutritious and uses a doctor (actor) to endorse its claim.rn

rnManufacturers of Tipi Tip, Uswatte Confectioneries, say they started running the TV commercial to counter the impact of other low nutrition products that were in competition with them.rn

rnldblquote Our product has been so popular that it has become a generic name for savory snacks. But unfortunately some competition had unacceptable ingredients in their products and that has affe

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