No liquor licenses issued to current parliamentarians: Finance Ministry

Sep 05, 2019 (LBO) – Sri Lanka’s Finance Ministry emphasizes that none of the current parliamentarians has been issued with liquor licenses.

The ministry, however, states that liquor licenses were issued to the owners of hotels approved by the Tourist Board with the intention of developing tourism industry, even after 2015.

There are currently 4,910 licensed liquor shops and 1,100 out of them are retailers, 1,567 hoteliers, and 554 restaurateurs.

The Excise Department has issued licenses for 368 wine and beer outlets, as well as, 200 toddy taverns.

In addition, the Department has issued licenses for 1,080 foreign liquor sales outlets.

Any person who wants to obtain a liquor license could obtain such a license by following the terms and conditions imposed by the Excise Department.

To be eligible to apply for a liquor license, the relevant applicant should not have been found guilty of any offense during the last five years and should be a taxpayer as well.

According to the category of the liquor shop, the liquor outlet should be established in a place which is outside the specified distance that is to places of religious worship and schools.

After taking into consideration the required terms and conditions under the Excise Ordinance and the provisions of the Excise Notices are completed by the applicants, the Department will get the relevant details provided by the applicant verified by the police and the Divisional Secretary in charge of his or her residential area.

The subject minister and the Excise Commissioner General, however, have the full authority to issue liquor licenses to any qualified applicant.

The list of liquor permits holders is published on the website of the Excise Department.

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