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June 15, 2010 (LBO) – Mobile phone payment and music are among applications likely to be popular in south Asian countries like Sri Lanka where local-language content and catering to rural consumers are also important, an industry analyst said. “Designing for mobile consumers is the key rather than designing for mobile technology,” said Dileeka Dias, a professor in the Department of Electronic and Telecommunication Engineering at University of Moratuwa.

“What is required is a different way of thinking that reflects the difference between a user sitting in front of a desk and one sitting on a park bench, or traveling on a bus,” she told the South Asia Mobile Conference in Colombo.

In south Asia the four key emerging mobile functionalities that are driving growth are mobile transactions, mobile gaming, mobile healthcare and mobile music, Dias said.

Mobile gaming and mobile music are likely to be more popular among youth.

Dias said the rural market is growing and that applications developers should think of how to include rural consumers as well while ensuring subscribers can access their content and services no matter what device they use.

Applications developers need to think of local content and those that support local

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