Northern Reach

July 29, 2010 (LBO) – Sri Lanka’s Commercial Bank has opened two more branches in the former northern war zone of the Jaffna peninsula where economic activity is reviving, a statement said. “Residents of the Northern Province are now served by 11 Commercial Bank branches and service points with the simultaneous opening of two new branches at Achchuvely and Thirunelvely,” it said.

The new branches in Achchuvely and Thirunelvely are in towns that had been strong ‘developing towns” before the conflict, a bank spokesman said.

The island’s 30-year ethnic war ended in May 2009, resulting in an economic revival, especially in the north and east.

National economic growth is forecast at seven percent this year.

Thirunelvely has always been a centre of learning even at the height of the war and the return of peace will help the academic institutions and the people of the area to progress even more, contributing to the country as a whole, the spokesman said.