Obama wins Mississippi primary

BILOXI, Mississippi, March 11, 2008 (AFP) – Barack Obama won Tuesday’s Democratic primary in the southern state of Mississippi, racking up another victory over Hillary Clinton in the party’s bitter White House race. The Illinois senator’s camp demanded she be ousted from the campaign, while Clinton said she regretted the remarks but did not cut Ferraro, the 1984 Democratic vice presidential nominee, loose. US television projections handed Obama his second victory, along with Wyoming’s weekend caucuses, since Clinton salvaged her presidential hopes with must-win triumphs in Texas and Ohio last week, setting up a long grind to the end of the primary calendar in June.

With its 33 nominating delegates up for grabs, Mississippi was the last contest in the roller-coaster Democratic race before the huge Pennsylvania primary on April 22.

Exit polls showed a large racial divide in the primary, with massive support for Obama from African-Americans, even as a new race row further soured relations between the two camps.

Black voters made up 48 percent of voters in the Democratic primary, and 91 percent of them went for the Illinois senator, according to MSNBC exit poll figures.

Senator Obama’s victory was lik

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