Obama’s new house vs. Trump’s former home


Obama’s new home is valued at between $ 5.4 million and $ 6 million. Trump’s Penthouse is valued at $100 million.

The inaugural ceremony of the 45th US President took place on January 20, and one of the things people have wondered about, seeing Barack Obama leave the White House, is where he will now live; other curious people have also wondered what kind of house Donald Trump lived in before taking up his official residence as head of state. Real estate portal Lamudi has investigated the homes of the former president and the current president to satisfy your curiosity.

Obama’s New House

Contrary to the common custom of former American Presdients who have just left office, Obama will not leave Washington D.C. He will rent a comfortable home in the elegant and expensive Kalorama neighborhood, where many ambassadors and lawyers have their residence. The decision not to leave the capital is due to family matters. The youngest of his daughters, Sasha, is still studying in Washington D.C.
The former president’s new four-story home, which occupies about 761 square meters, is characterized by the following:

• 9 bedrooms
• 8 and a half bathrooms; all include a spa
• Entertainment room
• Wine cellar and bar
• 2 spacious parking spaces
• Terrace and garden; both large
• A yard that fits 8-10 vehicles

The interior décor stands out for its modernity – it is almost all white. The home was built in 1928, but it was renewed in 2012. Experts say that this property has a value of between USD 5.4 and 6 million and that the rent per month stands at approximately USD 22,000.

Trump’s Former Home

The current President of the United States owns multiple properties where he stays for varying periods of time depending on his business commitments. However, the building he considers to be his main home is located on the 66th floor of the Trump Tower on the luxurious Fifth Avenue, one of the main thoroughfares of Midtown Manhattan in New York.

Trump’s sumptuous penthouse features rococo décor inspired by the palaces of the French monarch Louis XIV. High-quality marble, gold, and diamond objects give the environment a feeling of exquisite comfort. The beautiful view towards the iconic Central Park is also a highly attractive featrure. The person responsible for the decoration and creation of the interior was the famous designer Angelo Donghia.

This property occupies no less than 2,800 square meters and is currently valued at USD 100 million. Despite the lavish ownership of this billionaire now President, the US Secret Service has recommended that if he is in New York, Trump should not stay at his penthouse. This is because there would be difficulties in implementing appropriate security measures for the head of state should he be in residence. (Lamudi Media Release)

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