Ocean Freight

Sept 30 (LBO) – Sri Lankan shippers say the government should follow the example of other countries in the region like India and China and introduce laws to curb the powers of shipping lines acting like cartels. The Global Shippers’ Forum and Asian Shippers Council at their recent meeting in Singapore called upon Asian governments to review their local regulations and introduce legislation to stop anti-competitive behaviour by lines and ensure free trade.

“This decision is very important to the local industry that is facing serious anti competitive practices by global shipping lines and other service providers,” said Rohan Masakorala, Asian Shippers Council (ASC) Vice Chairman and former chairman of the Sri Lanka Shippers’ Council.

Shippers say Asian government are coming under pressure to eradicate shipping cartels following the European Union’s ruling to outlaw shipping line monopolistic practices by October 2008 and similar efforts in North America.

This was the main thrust of the Joint Shippers’ Declaration that was signed in Singapore during the 14th annual meeting of the Global Shippers’ Forum.

The GSF represents various shipper groups from North America, Asia, Africa, Oceania and Eur