Off Range

June 29, 2006 (LBO) – Sri Lanka’s cabinet has agreed clear up frequency spectrum on few bands, as the government looks to attract new operators to offer telephony services at affordable rates.

œThe cabinet has agreed to clear spectrum in 450 megahertz, 800-900 megahertz, 1800 megahertz and 2-gigahertz radio frequencies, which will be re-allocated for public telecommunications networks, Media Minister Anura Priyadharshana Yapa told reporters Thursday.

Frequency spectrum is a universal scarce resource, with each country sharing the same range of frequencies.

Spectrum is used for a number of applications, like wireless communications, radio and television broadcasts and even for devices like some models of hearing aids.

Usually each device adopts an internationally accepted standard, allowing countries to manage their frequency spectrum and issue licenses for commercial service like telecommunications.

Equipment manufacturers also make cost savings, following a single standard for the global market as opposed to making products to match the different frequency sets allocated by each country.

Authorities also regulate the output power for devices, w