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Old is Gold

He expected to face losses during the first year of business but managed to breakeven way before he thought he could. Hes now employing two others in his business too.

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rnAll pensioners dont set up in profitable business with their money like Mr. Thilakaratna did.rn

rnMany use their retirement benefit money to give children in marriage or to build a house.rn

rnSome retirees dont wisely invest their money when it comes in a lump sum to them. rn

rnThis is one reason why pension reforms are urgently needed. rn

rnThe government employs four percent of labor that are covered by government pensions.rn

rnA further thirty five percent of the workforce is covered by the EPF and the ETF.rn

rnA further nine percent get pension benefits under the informal sector mostly as farmers pensions.rn

rnA small percentage is also covered by other approved pension funds.rn

rnForty one percent of employed people dont have access to any pension benefits. rn

rnAging populations are have become a challenge

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