One Way Ticket

The Tourist Board rolled out a recently re-costed retirement scheme, capped at Rs. 750,000 to make it more attractive to employees.

The scheme has already seen over 170 takers, with Tourist Board officials saying they need to trim its 410 strong workforce to an ideal 100 people.rn

rnldblquote The cabinet has approved the new Voluntary Retirement Scheme and so far, 176 people have taken it up
dblquote , Tourist Board Chairman, Paddy Withana said.rn

rnUnder ongoing re-structuring, the Tourist Board is to remain as a regulatory authority, with its promotional functions to be handed over to a new marketing company.rn

rnA new Tourism Development Act will split the Tourist Board into three endash a Marketing Bureau to handle destination promotion, Development Council to regulate and plan development and an Institute of Hotel Management.rn

rnThe Tourist Board will also be responsible for developing trade standards for emerging tourism sectors like Ayurveda, spa tourism and eco-tourism.rn

rnA ces

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