Open Codes

Computer software giants world over, make money by selling proprietary products. However few software developers in emerging economies market proprietary software products.
Local policy markers want software developers to market their own products creating more value.rn

rnAn IT roadmap the government is working on also seeks to establish the country as a world class IT center.

The first steps on the road are being taken with plans to make Sri Lanka an Open Source software hub.

The donor-funded initiative seeks to tap growing worldwide interest in cheaper open source software.rn

rnSome IT students dont spend hours in libraries researching their projects.

Dhammika, who completed his project recently, modified freely available source codes to create something unique. rn

rnSource codes are the backbone of any program or application and is usually a well kept secret. rn

rnOnline software developer communities have developed computer operating systems and applications that are available to anyb

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