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Open Sesame

Want to avoid being hit by the next big virus thats going to hit a PC near you?rnSwitch to open source.rnSoftware like the Linux operating system is usually never the target of computer viruses. Hackers mostly hit at computers with Microsoft operating systems.rn
Open source software developed by groups of tech enthusiasts in their spare time is not expensive and their users range from governments to top corporations.rn

rnExperts say that countries like Sri Lanka too can gain by adopting these standards in the eSri Lanka initiative.rn

rneSri Lanka, a government-sponsored program, is trying to create a web based nationwide network that will deliver services to people.rn

rnInformation Communications Technology Agency (ICTA), which was established by the government to implement IT services across the country, is considering open source as one of the options to deliver citizen services. rn

rnOpen source systems like Linux are normally spared as most computer viruses are written for Wi

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