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Our security forces have the capacity to go after them and take them out – Navin

Frontline Sri Lankan Government Minister Navin Dissanayake - Photo Credit CNBC

April 26, 2019 (LBO) - Front line UNP political leader Minister Navin Dissanayake, in an interview with anchor Sri Jegarajah of global business network CNBC,outlined the lapses and the way forward for Sri Lanka with regard to the Easter Sunday terror attacks. Key points that he made during the interview were as follows: - "Defense Minister is the sole person that is responsible for the security of the country and by constitution that is the President." - Prime Minister not being invited to Security Council meeting shows a "lack of professionalism" in the way they (security council meetings) were handled. - Attacks seem to be a retribution to New Zealand attacks. - Terror cell was active in Sri Lanka for some time. - Warned by foreign agencies about the threat but did not take necessary precautions to move against them. - "Inflaming religions tension is part of this movement's objectives." - "We have to go hard after them, there is no question about it." - "We have the resources and the where with all, whether it's soft power or hard power to deal with threat." - "Our security forces have that capacity to go after them and take them out." Navin Dissanayake's father Gamini Dissanayake was assassinated by the LTTE during his campaign for the Presidency. The LTTE was responsible for many terrorist events in Sri Lanka and were pioneers in the use of suicide bombers, a deadly weapon now commonly used by ISIS and other terrorist organisations. See below for the full interview:    
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