Outback PC

June 19 (LBO) – Intel Corp together with Sri Lanka’s ICT Agency will soon pilot a rugged alternative to the conventional PC for rural areas, running on a car battery if electricity goes out.

The dust resistant, low power demand Intel model called a ˜Community PC’, developed and just rolled out in India, could find its way to Sri Lanka this year.

œThe Community PC is designed to meet the needs of rural communities without reliable power, no reliable internet connections, where there is a rugged environment. It is developed to work in these conditions, Shane D Wall, Vice President, Channel Platforms Group, Intel Corp., said in Colombo on Monday.

œThe PC can be recharged easily on a car or bicycle battery. This platform was developed in India and I expect will certainly be of great benefit to Sri Lanka in the near future.

The model is designed to handle power fluctuations, with an in-built Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) and can charge on three hours of electricity for eight hours of running.

It can also run on a car battery for ten hours and has dust covers for non air-conditioned environments, common in rural areas of the island.

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