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June 08, 2011 (LBO) - R R Donnelley has opened a third business process outsourcing facility in the Sri Lankan capital Colombo as business grows with the end of the island's ethnic war. The company, which now employs over 750 people in the island, plans to increase its workforce to over 1,000 by year-end, said Meena Sinha, R R Donnelley vice president and head of human resources in Asia.

It has BPO facilities in Manila, in the Philippines, and Chennai and Trivandrum in India, which have also expanded recently, apart from three sites in Sri Lanka.

"The expansion is happening because of new clients and the expansion of existing clients," Sinha told a news conference in Colombo.

The US-based firm provides transaction processing and financial services to clients mainly in the US and the United Kingdom, said Devapriya Perera, senior vice president and head of R R Donnelley's operations in Sri Lanka and Trivandrum.

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"The market for outsourcing is so huge - we've roughly exploited only about 25 percent of the world market," he said. "There's enough work to go after."

Perera said the opportunity to expand came with the end of the island's 30-year ethnic war in May 2009.

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