Paradise Isle

Apr 03, 2013 (LBO) – The Muslim-owners of Fashion Bug who compounded a case may have taught mob monks a lesson in Buddhism that hatred cannot be overcome by hatred. However, a sports sponsorship may have been more appropriate to prevent a recurrence.

A Buddhist monk who took part in the March 28 night time attack demonstrated remarkable skills in hitting the target with spot-on accuracy that could rival an Olympian.

Even without any sports gear and unimpeded by a saffron robe, the left-handed monk scored a bulls eye to bring down a CCTV camera while the crowds clapped and cheered.

Four policemen played friendly referees in the spectator sport as evidenced by a video on You Tube . (

Fashion Bug could have sponsored not just one, but all three monks who should be clearely considered at least for the national basketball squad.

Given their accuracy in shooting considerably heavy objects, they demonstrated their qualifications to be in the national Bricks, Boulders and Stones (BBS) squad.

Fashion Bug said the attack had “dist